Power In Cage
Power In Cage
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The system is used in the industrial elevator of the building elevator and the construction hoist.This system provides an emergency call between the construction of the floor inside the building and elevator driver, can be used as a general intercom system.Because the radio frequency does not need to apply, the product can be used in the construction of the elevator intensive areas of reliable use, will not affect each other, reliable communication. It greatly improves the production efficiency, and can effectively prevent accidents.


The signal transmission is carried out by using the protection loop line, the signal is stable and reliable, and the special communication cable is not required.
The signal line and power line are not connected with high voltage, and the system is safe and reliable.
No electromagnetic wave pollution, do not need to apply for radio frequency, and can be used in the construction of the elevator intensive and authentic and other construction areas, and will not affect each other.
Press the button for intercom function. It can prompt the communication is busy. It also has the squelch function.
Electronic volume control, convenient volume adjustment.
There is an alarm button, can be used in emergency.
Three frequencies available, voice clear and natural.


Supply voltage:220V AC or 110V AC(Please make sure that when the order is confirmed!)
Effective range:more than 300m(Conductor loop resistance<600 ohm)
Three frequencies available:250KHz、741KHz or 800KHz


    The installation method of the intercom on each floor can be referenced to the left of the following view.Fit the intercom and connect the intercom with the accessory power cable.Note: a dedicated power supply device can only drive less than twenty.In accordance with the drawings, another port dedicated power supply connected to the junction box, and then connected to the coupler. In the first floor of the construction elevator, the protective ground wire passes through the hole of the coupler, and it is connected with the ground.Important note for installation,in the communication system, the protective grounding wire passing through the coupler can not be grounded in the middle ground.
Installation instructions in the lifting cage of construction hoist
    The installation method of the cage intercom see below right view.In accordance with the drawings,connect the intercom, the call device power supply, and the coupler.In the lift cage, the protective ground wire passes through the hole of the coupler, and it is connected with the ground.
Note: The power supply of the calling device and the special power output have the difference between 110V AC and 220V AC.Please make sure that when the order is confirmed!
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