Tower Crane QTZ125(TC6018)
Tower Crane QTZ125(TC6018)
  • Specification
Technical parameters:
Item Unit 2falls 4falls
Rated load moment KN·m 1250
Max. load capacity t 5 10
Radius m 3~60
Load capacity at the Max. radius t 1.803 1.769
Radius for Max capacity m 27.155 14.867
Lifting height Freestanding m 50
Attached 180 90
Hoisting speed m/min 104/52.05 50.05/25.02
Slewing speed r/min 0.61
Luffing speed m/min
Jacking speed 0.4
Min. Steady descent speed ≤5
Tower crane dimension Bottom frame m 5.8*5.8*1.5m
The whole height(freestanding) 60.1
Distance from boom tip to rotary cenetr 61.6
Distance from counter jib end to rotary 14.8
Tower crane weight Structural weight(freestanding) t 51.18
Balance weight Max radius 60m 20.5
Max radius 56m 15.2
Max radius 50m 11.7
Total power KW 61.95
Working temperature -20~+40
Fundamental wind pressure in working condition Pa 250
Fundamental wind pressure off working condition Pa 1100
Power supply parameter 50HZ ~380V±10%

QTZ125(TC6018) tower crane is upper rotating hydraulic lifting up tower crane with balance boom and trolley luffing. The maximun load capacity is 10 tons. The crane has been used widely for the large building construction of high-rise hotel, residential building and industrial build, etc. It's perfect construction equipment for most construction enterprise.
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