Mast Section(650*900*1508MM)
Mast Section(650*900*1508MM)
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 SC series of construction lifts, reasonable structure, easy operation, safe and reliable work, and the use of electrical originals and transmission of the main accessories, the use of steel by carbon dioxide gas welding from welding.
       SC series of construction lifts for the gear, rack drive, the use of new technology, self-years of digestion, innovation, innovative design, reasonable structure, easy operation, easy assembly and disassembly, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable work.
Standard section specifications for the 650 × 650 × 1508 and 800 × 800 × 1508 two, the structure of the SCD dual drive, there are weight, SC three drive no weight, built-in, on the home-type multi-frequency control and other varieties. The equipment for more than 60cm bridge, building and other high-rise building construction personnel and material transport, can also be used as a warehouse terminal, etc., as a vertical transport.

Lift Standard Section
The lift standard section plays an important role in cranes, towers, lifts and other mechanical equipment, and a good standard section not only improves these heavy machines
Lift Standard section not only can improve the mechanical flexibility, but also improve work efficiency, if necessary, can also play a multiplier effect. 3 choose the lift standard section
Then choose the standard section should choose what kind of it, many customers in the selection of the standard section of the time or can not carefully check the selection; now to introduce what kind of standard section is better.
The first look at whether there is no posted security labels, or regular manufacturers posted their own security signs, if not, the general so poor, unreliable quality, withstand the durability, so do not seek cheap, durable is Hard truth.
The second look at the standard section of the tower is made smooth and delicate, if so, this is generally more sophisticated, processing and other aspects of production are more in place, so that the standard deviation of the tower can not be bad.
Third look at the degree of convergence is good, whether the flexibility of the convergence, whether lubrication, if the rust, or the convergence of relatively slow, so the best not to buy, the general room of this time more often, usually not How to maintain, so pick the standard section to be careful. 4 lift standard section test Note:
The Lift Standard section is an important link in the safety of lifts. In accordance with the State Administration of Quality Supervision, "the supervision and inspection procedures for lifting machinery," routine lift inspection procedures are access to basic and track and other hidden project acceptance records. In the inspection, we must first pay attention to whether the endurance of the lift is in line with the manufacturer's design requirements.
Lift standard section of the basic test should pay special attention to the following test points:
1. the problem of embedded parts
I believe that should be used to promote the use of embedded base or fixed legs, the use of embedded high-strength bolts, the material should be provided by the factory, manufacturers should provide test reports, and supervision by the construction unit reported to the competent units before being buried, and Do the relevant hidden acceptance records;
2. The foundation of the lift may not cover the soil
One is to increase the bearing capacity of the foundation, the second is not conducive to observe the seat of the weld situation, the elevator project case had a base covered with lifts, but the driver is more sophisticated, feel the lift is abnormal, immediately lift Standard section bolts all checked again, did not find the problem, after the soil removed, the results found that the base of the steel structure of the weld cracks, the timely treatment, did not cause significant consequences.
3. Basic sinking form
The base sinking form refers to the form of the lower surface of the base of the lift below ± 0.00 elevation, placed at the bottom of the basement pit. For this type of elevator foundation treatment, should pay attention to the basic part of the lift drainage, to avoid water. According to the case of the lift project, there was a sudden drop in the weld at the foundation of the base section, which was caused by the failure of the driver, the inspector, and the failure of the steel at the weld.
4. The base is placed on the slope
In addition to the above requirements, but also should take full account of the lateral pressure generated by the slope, the detection should be required when the construction unit in the excavation of the slope, should take anti-side pressure measures, such as to take soil nails Protection or the implementation of bolt treatment and other measures, in the detection of the visit, the occurrence of too many causes of the construction unit did not consider the slope side of the pressure, earth excavation, caused by a serious deviation of the base of the case, to the construction unit to bring small Of economic losses;
At present, most of the tower crane foundation to the endurance requirements are generally 200 ~ 300kpa whether to meet the requirements. For the actual endurance does not meet the design requirements, check the elevator section of the standard section of the bolt is no damage and whether the bottom of the elevator has been piling, the foundation to increase the corresponding treatment.

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